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Turkey is an amazing country featuring several ancient ruins, gigantic mountainous terrains, crystal clear waters, modern cosmopolitan cities, and small idyllic villages. There is something unique on offer to every traveller. Many travellers and visitors explore Turkish history, nature, and culture during their Turkey holiday. Travellers who intend to travel to Turkey from UAE need a Turkish visit visa to be displayed at the Turkish border for entry. This may include the turkey single entry visa or turkey multiple entry visa as per the need. We bring you the processes involved in applying for a Turkish visit visa from UAE.

What is so special about Turkey?

About Turkey

Well! You will always find a new excuse to visit Turkey. We bring you some of the most popular reasons why a Turkish holiday is special.

Turkey coastline – Turkey is home to one of the most beautiful shorelines globally. The climate, fine sands, and sea stones further enhance the visit.

Turkish history – Turkey has witnessed the rise and fall of several empires and civilizations, and the ancient ruins spread all over the country are a true testament to this fact. For all art and history buffs, this is the place to be.

Turkish Culture – With an extremely diverse population, you are bound to see various art and cultural forms when browsing through Turkey. Every region carries its own unique forms of art, customs, traditions, culinary habits, and folklore, making the overall culture rich and diverse.

Turkish Shopping – Turkish Carpets sell like hot cakes in Turkey. Globally renowned for their artistic variations. Visitors can shop or browse to buy authentic souvenirs, gifts, kilims, and rugs.

Turkish Cuisine – The culinary scene is quite popular globally as it offers a delightful mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies. Kebabs, Seafood, Tea, and Coffee are offered in some unique flavours and tastes served all through the country. Meze with Raki is also quite popular here. Turkish cuisine will surely entice and fulfil all your gastronomical desires.

Turkish Spa – Aromatic smells combined with unique Middle eastern flavours provide a unique twist to the Turkish bath experience. Unwind and relax your body with this amazing experience. Turkish bath spa is well renowned all over the globe.

Why should you visit Turkey?

Turkey is quite popular due to the rich, diverse, Mediterranean & Middle eastern flavours it brings to one destination. Whether it is about tasting a traditional Turkish tea or exploring the popular Hagia Sophia destination, Turkey brings about some unique experiences that can be a delight for both first-time and experienced visitors. Explore the best hammam, carpets, rugs, bazaars, sweet delicacies like baklava, etc. With its unique geographical presence, Turkey brings its own set of surprises to all kinds of visitors who look to dive deep into the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful place. Here is some Turkey travel advice that you will find useful.

Best time to visit Turkey

Best time to visit Turkey

Turkey is a more popular destination during the summer and spring seasons, as winters get extreme here. Due to its big and vast size, Turkey’s weather is quite diverse in nature all throughout the country.

March-May: The temperatures are pleasant and hover between 10-26oC. Beaches are a popular destination this time of the year. In addition, Canakkale Victory and Martyr’s Day are celebrated with much pomp.

June – August: The heat gets a bit scorcher at times as the temperatures have a wider range from 24-48oC. The Mediterranean coastline is a hot favourite among the tourist population. The Cappadox Festival is another reason you should visit at this time of the year.

September – November: Pleasant weather with small variation in temperatures between 12-29oC. This destination is best explored at this time of the year. Festivities are high this season as it brings in a lot of art, music, and wine festivals.

December – February: The winters can be extremely cool as the temperatures drop down to 3-16oC. Things get a lot cheaper, and there are heavy discounts across restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc. The temperature dips down at varied places, so carry your jackets, mufflers, and winterwear to keep yourself warm.

Is Turkey Expensive?

Turkey is a relatively inexpensive country to visit compared to other European nations. One can easily find a satisfying meal under TRY 70 (AED 14). Getting around Istanbul by subway and streetcar is inexpensive and easy. A one-way fare is about TRY 8 (AED 2). However, most name-brand consumer goods cost about the same as in the UAE.

Things to do in Turkey for first-time travelers

The great tourist attraction of Cappadocia

Exploring the coastline is the best option for first-time travellers. For all history enthusiasts, the ancient ruins will be like paradise. Turkey has great food and sports culture, so indulging in any food tours or sports will be a great idea. Look for guided tours or book a private tour to browse through major cities & landmarks like Istanbul, the Bosphorus, Izmir, Aegean Coast, Ephesus, Mediterranean and Antalya coastline Cappadocia, Goreme & Urgup, Bursa & Iznik, Trabzon & Black Sea Coast.

How to Travel to Turkey From the UAE?

As the first step for traveling to Turkey from Dubai, you must procure a Turkey visa through a professional visa application center in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Once you successfully submit the visa application with all the essential documents, you will visit the Turkish Embassy or Consulate for an interview.

The most convenient and quickest means of obtaining a Turkey visa from the UAE is via the e-Visa system. Utilizing this online procedure, most applicants get their approved e-Visa in 24 hours. However, the e-Visa eligibility rests on nationality, so verify if you qualify before applying.

UAE nationals qualify for a 90-day stay in Turkey as long as the visa is valid.

If you are not entitled for an E-Visa, you can get the help of a knowledgeable visa provider. People residing in Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah can apply for a visa through a an experienced Turkey visa company.

The service charge is AED 326 per application.

Documents required for Turkey Visa from UAE

Here are the documents needed for Turkey visa for UAE residents:

  • All nationals need to submit the below documents while submitting their Turkish visa application
  • A 6+ months validity passport
  • Valid health insurance
  • Financial capability proof to cover your Turkish holiday expenses
  • A recent photograph
  • A valid email ID
  • Completed and duly signed visa application form
  • Turkey Visa with Letter of Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

How to travel to Turkey from Dubai?

Taking a flight is the best way to travel to Turkey from Dubai. The flight journey is roughly about 5 hours.

Do UAE residents need a Turkey visa to enter Turkey?

Yes. All UAE residents need a valid Turkish visa to enter the boundaries of Turkey.

Do you need a PCR Test from Dubai to travel to Turkey?

Yes. All passengers must carry a valid negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours of their travel.

How does it cost for a Turkish visa from Dubai?

The visa application fee is AED 231 while applying online.

A Turkish holiday is a great way to explore the Mediterranean lifestyle, lovely weather, and gorgeous seashores. This country is brewing with amazing food, culture, history, and hospitality. Book your Turkish visit visa today.

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