All About Christmas in Istanbul and New Year’s Eve 2024

There is something special about December. This time of the year feels exceptionally different from the rest of the months. There is a festive spirit in the air, peppered by optimism for the New Year. Additionally, December is a great time to travel due to the cozy weather or wintry holidays in many places. Turkey in December feels oddly charming with the cold winds whipping through the destination and the north regions clad in white sheets of powdery snow. New Year’s Eve and Christmas in Turkey might seem like a strange idea, but it is a very interesting experience. Istanbul is a great option for holiday vacationers who want to enjoy chilly Turkish vibes during the festive season in less crowded spaces.It is undoubtedly one of the iconic tourist attractions in Turkey and beckons millions of visitors every year. Check out the awesome things you can do in Istanbul that may convince you to visit this destination for your Christmas and New Year’s holiday.

Christmas in Istanbul

Christmas and New Year in Istanbul

By comparison with the West, a Turkish Christmas will seem more modest. Turkey, however, prides itself on being a secular state and celebrates Christmas in the same way it does any other holiday. Even with a small Christian population, it still celebrates Christmas enthusiastically. Istanbul, the most popular city in Turkey, gets buzzing with the festive essence and is illuminated in a beautiful way for the festival season. Amidst gorgeous illuminations, visitors can also explore the city’s heritage sites and rustic wonders. As the week nears its end, the fervour intensifies as the city prepares to ring in the New Year in a grand style. New Year and Christmas in Istanbul is an offbeat yet wonderful idea for a festive holiday. The ambience, ardency, and attractions of this breathtaking city are worth witnessing during December.

Do Turkish People Celebrate Christmas?

Turkey predominantly has a Muslim population, but Christmas is celebrated by some people, especially in Istanbul. The Turkish Christmas closely resembles Christmas celebrations across Europe. Stores showcase glittering decorations and Santas to attract shoppers. Malls sparkle with lights and massive Christmas trees. Carol music plays in cafes and restaurants.

Many Christians in Turkey celebrate Christmas according to Orthodox traditions on January 6 rather than December 25. They attend a church service early on Christmas morning and then gather with family for a feast. Gifts are exchanged afterward.

Turks who don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday still enjoy the festive atmosphere and time off work. They also decorate Christmas trees, meet with family, and exchange small gifts or chocolates. So, Christmas creates warm memories for both Christians and Muslims.

Why Spend the Christmas Season in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a magical destination to spend the Christmas season. The chilly air, glittering Bosphorus, and festive displays cast a fairytale charm over the city.

Walk along Istiklal Street to see splendid Victorian-era buildings draped in shimmering lights. Galata and Istiklal are the epicenters of Christmas vibes and shopping in Istanbul. Duck into cozy cafes serving piping salep (hot milky orchid drink) and warming desserts.

Soak up the yuletide atmosphere at old stone churches holding candlelit midnight mass with soulful choirs. Attend Christmas concerts put on by local musicians and orchestras. Don’t miss the whole lamb roasts, rich turkey stuffings, and baklavas specially made for Christmas dinner.

Where to Go & What to Do in Istanbul at the New Year 2024

Istanbul is one of the world’s top places to celebrate the New Year, thanks largely to the four-day public holiday. Here’s what to do in Istanbul for New Year’s 2024:

Countdown to Weekend-Long Parties:  White-hot parties at posh nightclubs and bars like Sortie, Anjelique, and The Hall ramp up days before the 31st. Score tickets to their lavish buffet dinners and dance until dawn with DJs and fireworks at midnight.

Cruise the Bosphorus: View five epic bridges linking Europe and Asia while a 4-course meal, live music, and belly dancers entertain you. Countdown to the New Year with stunning fireworks.

Watch Concerts & Shows: Venues like Zorlu Center and Volkswagen Arena put on unforgettable concerts, comedy acts, and performing arts to ring in 2024.

Watch Fireworks at New Year’s Eve on Bosphorus Cruise in Istanbul

A Bosphorus dinner cruise to watch midnight fireworks is easily one of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve in Istanbul. Book your cruise at least a few weeks in advance for the best experience.

Arrive early to get settled and take in the sights along this famous waterway separating Istanbul’s European and Asian sides. A lavish seated dinner will be served as the ship cruises northward with live entertainment.

As midnight nears, wrap up in the provided blankets, grab champagne and head to the outdoor decks. Watching fireworks from the warm cruise ship with new friends is nothing short of magical! The sky erupts with dazzling fireworks displays along the Bosphorus bridge and shoreline.

Istanbul New Year’s Eve Fireworks: What to Expect?

Istanbul pulls out all the stops for the New Year with truly mesmerizing fireworks shows lasting around 15-20 minutes after midnight.

Smaller neighborhood shows sprout from the Asian and European shores of the Bosphorus. But the most impressive display illuminates the Kilometer Bridge connecting the two sides. Upwards of a million spectators line the waterfront to watch!

So, expect jaw-dropping 360-degree views of fireworks from your Bosphorus cruise at midnight. You’ll also drive past heightened celebrations throughout the festive, car-free downtown to your Istanbul hotel or vacation rental apartment.

Istanbul New Year’s Eve Weather

Istanbul winters span from December through March. On New Year’s Eve, average temperatures range from 9 to 10°C (48 to 50°F) during the day and dip to 3 to 4°C (37 to 40°F) at night. There’s a 53% chance of rainy days in January.

Pack warm layers of water-resistant jackets, sweaters, scarves, gloves, and a hat. Despite damp weather, Istanbul is still lively for New Year celebrations, with so much happening indoors at concerts and nightclubs.

So welcome to 2024, roaring in this magical metropolis spanning two continents! Istanbul brings together Turkish hospitality, dazzling fireworks over the Bosphorus, and plenty of scrumptious food for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience.

The best things to do in Istanbul during Christmas and New Year are :

  • Wander and discover the beauty of Istanbul’s festive flair

If you are wondering where to celebrate Christmas in Istanbul, starting from the Old Town would be a great idea. The most renowned landmark attractions, the streets, and alleys of Istanbul get decked up in Christmas illuminations. Check out Nisantasi Quarters and Taksim Square which are extravagantly adorned in lights and buzzing with festive excitement. Stroll around the city to enjoy the beauty of the city in a chilly, intimate breeze. Additionally, if you wish to attend Christmas masses, the historic churches of Istanbul, especially the Church of St. Anthony of Padua hold them where you can even listen to Christmas hymns, say a prayer, and light a candle.


  • Visit the Turkish Christmas Markets

As mentioned before, Christmas is quite a modest celebration in Turkey. So, when you go out searching for a festive retail therapy, chances are you will end up at makeshift Christmas markets that are run by local retailers. There isn’t much hype or advertising of big brands and the noise of festivities are also mellow compared to big cities. The Feriya Palace bazaar and the Grand Bazaar are a must-visit during a December visit. There are plenty of weekday markets also that pop up during this time of the year offering the freshest produces and the finest products Turkey has to offer to its visitors.

Grand Bazaar

  • Enjoy Istanbul’s food fiestas

Your New Year and Christmas in Turkey 2021 trip would definitely miss a significant element if you do not check out the extravagant food scene during the holiday season. How can you possibly stay away from the insanely delicious Turkish food assortments during the holiday season?  Istiklal Street is one of the famous places to visit in Istanbul to go shopping and explore Turkish treats. Likewise, Christmas and New Year pop-up dining and party events are a great rage in the city. You can add a dash of opulence to your Turkey winter holiday with a stay at luxurious hotels that host exquisite gala dinners and brunches for New Year’s Eve in eloquent festive settings.  There are lots of waterfront restaurants and rooftop dining venues where you can savour scrumptious food and enjoy the atmosphere of the festivity in Istanbul.


  • Hop onboard the Bosphorus Cruise

Last but not the least, take in the mesmerizing view of Istanbul from far away while meandering on the Bosphorus Strait. Join the celebration in welcoming the New Year with spectacular fireworks on New Year’s Eve onboard the Bosphorus Cruise. The celebration starts with a New Year dinner cruise and continues well into the early hours of the new year. It will turn out to be an unforgettable night filled with delicious food, Turkish dances, and entertainment.

New Year Dinner Cruise

Before we wrap up, here’s a bit of trivia for you.  Did you know that Turkey celebrates Christmas in January as well? orthodox communities across Turkey recognize January 6th as the date on which Jesus Christ was born and celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar. So even if you visit Istanbul in January or plan to extend your holiday after the New Year’s Eve in the city, you will be surprised to find ornate pine trees and Christmas decorations still adorned on the shops and streets of the city. The vibes of festivities linger on for a long time in Istanbul and that makes it such a special place to visit.

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