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Single Entry Turkey Visa

A suitable visa is one of the first things to get right when considering a Turkey trip. However, it applies to only those nationals not eligible for any visa exemption or visa-free entry. Be it a business or leisure trip, a single-entry visa is one of the most preferred permits for your entry into the country. At Turkeyvisa.ae, our specialist visa team will help you obtain your single-entry visa in a few easy and smooth steps for your Turkey travel. To ensure the fast approval of your Turkey visa, all you need to do is adhere to the following requirements and submit all the essential documents (as mentioned below).

Turkey Single-Entry Visa: Overview

  • As the name indicates, a single-entry Turkey allows for single entry only.
  • Re-entry is not possible if you fly out of the country both before and after the expiry of your Turkey visa.
  • This visa is ideal for your short trip to Turkey, as you can stay here for up to 30 days.
  • It is one of the most preferred visas for those traveling to the country for tourism or trade needs.
  • It is issued by the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon submitting all relevant, valid, and error-free documents.
  • Our Turkey visa services are open to all UAE residents looking to travel to Turkey from the UAE.
  • Subject to your travel objectives, you must submit copies of your passport, UAE residency permit, travel itinerary, and confirmed air tickets.
  • It may take only one to two days for your Turkey visa to process; that said, make sure you apply for it at least a week before to avoid last-minute hassles.
  • Extension of your Turkey visa is possible, depending on your nationality. You can speak to visa experts directly to know more about this.
Turkey Single-Entry Visa Requirements
  • Accurately filled out Turkey visa application form
  • Original passport with a validity of minimum of six months from the date of your intended Turkey travel
  • Copies of your UAE residence and employment permit
  • Passport-size photos that meet all size specifications
  • Confirmed airline tickets for your roundtrip Turkey travel
  • A detailed itinerary for your Turkey trip
  • Details of your accommodation or hotel reservation in Turkey
  • A bank statement or relevant proof stating that you have enough funds to support your Turkey travel
  • Additional documents, like an invitation letter
  • Visa fee payment, as stipulated by the Turkish government
Important Things to Know About Turkey Single-Entry Visa
  • The visa fee is non-refundable, whether your Turkey visa is approved or not.
  • Before submitting, make sure your visa application form is error-free and complete with genuine information.
  • It is also vital to submit all essential and required documents, such as confirmed flight tickets, hotel reservation details, etc., as they increase the chances of the approval of your Turkey visa.
  • It is recommended to get health insurance before you travel to Turkey.
  • We assist all UAE residents and those with a valid residence permit or visa from Schengen, the UK, the US, and Ireland to apply for a Turkey visa.
  • As the Turkey visa and travel policies change from time to time, be sure to acquaint yourself with the latest travel news and entry restrictions when you prepare for a Turkey holiday.

With its blend of stylish cities, classic landmarks, centuries-old history, and breathtaking natural sights, Turkey is a destination on every traveler’s bucket list. Don’t delay anymore to strike it off your list; apply for your single-entry Turkey visa now online and get professional assistance right from inquiry until you receive it with zero stress only through Turkeyvisa.ae.