Explore the Gorgeous Black Sea Turkey landscape

The Black Sea coast in Turkey is one of the beautiful places to visit. The landscape is decorated with several villages on one side of the sea and a dense forested mountainous terrain on the other side. The winding road connecting the dots along the coast offers scenic views with incredible vistas, making road trips popular tourist activities. The Black Sea region Turkey features several attractions with varied interests that will capture the attention of every tourist who visits this area. We have collated a bunch of attractions that you should visit to experience the best of Turkey black sea culture.

Sumela Monastery

A popular tourist attraction in the Black Sea Region Turkey, Sumela Monastery is spread lavishly around 70 kilometers to the south of Trabzon; Sumela dates back its roots to the 4th century when the Athenian monks Sophronios and Barnabas incepted a church here. This place served as a monastery until the Treaty of Lausanne was accepted in 1923 between Turkey & Greece, forcing the monks to move out. Frescos within the main chapel, a warren of chapels and rooms form the core of this beautiful monastery, and a glimpse of the religious life followed in the last few centuries—one of the best destinations to experience the Turkey black sea culture.



A populous Black Sea Turkey cities nestled between the gigantic Eastern Pontic Mountain peaks that run along the coast. It started as a bustling trade center in the caravan trade route between the Mediterranean and Persia. Hagia Sophia, built by Emperor Alexius Comnenus in the 12th century, hogs the tourist population’s limelight. Incepted as a church, converted to a mosque during the Ottoman era, turned into a museum, and finally restored as a mosque in the 21st century. The original ruins of the church cruciform are still preserved today, along with the aisles and frescoes. Browse through the beautiful wall paintings depicting the Eastern influence on Turkish culture.

Trabzon Black Sea Turkey


The Alpine vistas of Uzungol are a sight to watch and resemble the scenery & landscape of Central Europe. The shorefront village and the lake nestled between the forested mountain slopes is one of the Black Sea Turkey’s most popular landscapes. You will not find plenty of activities to exhaust your energy levels, but it is more of a laid-back environment where you can recharge your batteries after an exhausting work week. One of the key reasons the lakefront cafes get swelled up with tourists and visitors during the summer weekends.

Uzungol Black Sea


Rize is considered the tea capital of Turkey and one of the tourist hotspots in the Black Sea region Turkey for all tea lovers. Enjoying a cup of tea amidst the impressive surroundings of subtropical flora and rolling hills will count as an unforgettable moment lifelong. Apart from the Tea Gardens, enjoy fascinating views from the Rize Castle built during medieval times by the Genoese. This Castle also houses its tea garden. Enjoy emerald, green views among the numerous tea gardens in the Ceceva-Haremtepe area.

Rize Black Sea Turkey

Karaca Cave Underground Network

The Karaca Cave is situated in the small town of Torul, houses the 107-meter long cavern system, and features stalactites and stalagmites in unique, weird shapes. The walkways are well lit to permit visitors and tourists to browse through these unique cave formations up close. These caves are believed to have medicinal properties as well. The oxygen levels are assumed to be beneficial for patients suffering from asthma or breathing difficulties. The temperatures drop down even in the peak summer season. Hence, it is always advisable to carry some warm clothes to protect yourself.

Karaca cave Black Sea Turkey


The ancient harborfront of Amasra is blessed with marvelous views and vistas. Colorful houses decorate the narrow streets as they head towards the sea. A photographer can’t ask for a better destination to capture these unforgettable moments. If you want to explore and deep dive into the Turkey Black Sea culture, visit the small museum on Dereoglu Sokak that has interactive displays for some unique facts. Sunbathing, swimming, relaxing, or just soaking in the beach ambiance is quite popular. In addition, there are boat & sea tours arranged daily by several tour operators that give you a chance to discover unique facets about the neighboring coves.

Amasra Black Sea Turkey


One of the tourist hotspots due to its unique antique charm and cosmopolitan culture, Sinop was one of the busiest commercial Black Sea Turkey cities several decades back when the caravan routes from Cappadocia were the prime trade route. Even today, the surviving Ottoman houses decorating the town streets stand apart as witnessing it live is a statement. Splendid sea views can be observed from these fortifications. Sakarya Caddesi, an old jail structure, is one of the most visited places. Duragan, an inland off the coastal highway, is a good place to visit if you want to know more about the caravanseral architecture.

Sinop Turkey

The ancient Inebolu town district

It is always recommended to take a road trip to experience the best of the Turkey black sea culture. One of the milestones on this road trip is Inebolu, an ancient town carrying the essence of the building blocks of Turkish culture. This port town features a ruined castle, antique Ottoman-style wooden houses, and vernacular Pontic-style townhouses forming the core of its impressive landscape. This Black Sea region Turkey is best explored by foot. So, get your hiking shoes ready when you drop by.

Black Sea Beaches

Swimming and relaxing at the Black Sea beaches are one of the perfect ways to break away from the hustles of bustling city life. The summer months introduce the fine white sand gravels that decorate the shoreline, forming a magnetic core for the tourist population, especially big cities like Istanbul and Edirne. A small fishing village, Kiyikoy, near Istanbul also catches the attention of traveling on summer weekends. It is a perfect destination to bring your entire family to as it gives you a local slice of tourism here. The key tourist hotspots to checkout are Ordu and Caka Beach.


Cherry seems to have its origins in this resplendent Black Sea region Turkey. Housing the antique Kerasous founded in the 7th century B.C. by Miletus, Giresun goes deep down in the cultural history of Turkey. The Byzantine-era castle and the Giresun Museum are the two major archaeological blocks. If you a history buff, then this is the best place to dive deep into the Turkey Black Sea culture.

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