Definitive Guide for Turkish Business Visa Requirements 2023

Turkey stands as the 37th largest country in the world. Turkey exhibits the characteristics of a small continent and is a curious mix of west and east.

The best time to experience Turkey is between April and October. The climatic condition is mild throughout the springtime and during fall; however, temperatures turn out to be a lot cooler during the winter season. During this time, there are high expectations of snowing in the highlands. All through the summer season, the coasts are extremely common. Between the towns of Antalya and Izmir are a large number of coves. Turkey is well recognised for possessing outstanding rivers.

Before taking a trip to Turkey, one should submit an application for a Turkish visa. You are mistaken if you think that applying for the Turkey travel Visa would be as strict as the UK, USA or Schengen. The requirements that the visa application centre needs are, in fact, more than what any other would usually provide when applying for visas. Nonetheless, the visa application centre really helps every step of the way.

Turkish Visas can be purchased at various entry spots around the country. Checks by travellers are not accepted, therefore you will have to pay with cash. You can avoid the issues of getting to buy a visa for turkey upon arriving by applying for one over the internet. 90 days after they are purchased, Turkish visas reach their expiration date.

Here is a definitive Guide provided for Turkish Business Visa Requirements 2023: 

When applying for a Turkish visa, one needs to collect several documents and submit them to the Turkish embassy or consulate. These documents prove the intention and eligibility of the traveller for travelling to Turkey.

The nationality also has an impact while applying for a visa, as the nationals of some countries need to submit additional or fewer documents.

After the completion of the form at the Pre-Application System, you can start collecting the required documents for a Turkish visa. The sooner you gather them, the better it is for you. You have to make sure that they all meet the criteria and specifications set by the Turkish authorities.

The next step is the Turkish Business Visa Application Form. The application for a visa is the same for every Turkish visa type.

The form contains questions on the following and you need to complete it manually with a sign at the end.

  • Name and surname.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • ID number.
  • Citizenship and country of residence.
  • Parents’ name.
  • Type of passport.
  • The type of visa you are applying for.
  • The requested duration of stay.
  • Info on previous visa applications for Turkey.
  • Info on previous trips to Turkey.
  • Info on your spouse and children, if applicable.

To be eligible for a Turkish Business Visa, you must have:

  1. Hold a passport that must be valid for at least six months on entry with one blank visa page in order for the embassy/consulate to be able to affix the sticker visa on it. The passport remains at the Turkish embassy during the time when an application is being processed. Alongside the passport, you should also submit copies of entry and exit stamps of previously obtained visas, if any.
  2. Hold proofs of sufficient funds. The Turkish authorities want you to show that you have enough money to support yourself during your trip to Turkey. It is mandatory that you must have about €50 for every day you plan to spend here. You can prove that you have the needed money through:
  3. Bank Statements for the last three months or Proof of other income as salary slips, from renting, proof of your spouse’s income, etc., or Letter of support, from another person, who guarantees to cover your expenses. The other persons’ bank statement is required.
  4. Hold proof of flight bookings. This includes that you will need to show proof of how you plan to reach Turkey and what you are planning to do while you are there. It includes proof of flight booking. That means that If you are planning to travel to Turkey by plane, you will need to book a roundtrip flight and present this document to the embassy or consulate on the day of your appointment. Other documents are accepted as well that depends on the means of transport you are planning to use to reach Turkey, i.e. bus ticket, driver’s license and authorisation to enter Turkey by car or any other means of transport. 
  5. Hold proof of hotel reservations. No matter how long you are planning to remain in Turkey, you must show where you will stay. Even for only a night! You can present either way as proof of accommodation in Turkey. First by hotel booking in Turkey. While you will be staying at a hotel, you should submit a booking letter that includes the entry and exit dates, your name, and surname, as well as the address and contact details of the hotel. 

The second way is an invitation letter by a host in Turkey. If any native resident invites you to stay over at their place while you are in Turkey, then you need to submit a letter of invitation written by the host. It should include the details of the host, their contact, and the address of the place. It should also include your name and surname, and your relationship with the host.

    1. Hold all documents required according to your employment status. Applying for a Turkish business visa as a business owner, you need to submit your company’s certificate of establishment and registration, the company’s trade license, and the company’s bank statement which shows the transactions for the last 3 months. 
    2. Apart from all these required documents, you need to comply with all the requirements stated on the E-Visa Order Form.

Hope it eases your plan for a trip to Turkey. Ensure to follow all the requirements mentioned above so that your business trip becomes hassle-free.

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