Turkey Student Visa Requirements

One of the biggest life-changing decisions that a student makes is to study abroad, to venture out and settle in a new, foreign country to pursue an education. Nevertheless, it is only through experience that you can build self-confidence, become self-sufficient, and know where you stand in the real world. There are various destinations around the country offering the best education in the world, one of them is Turkey. If Turkey is on your list of potential destinations, then this post is for you. There are several things to keep in mind when planning your new experience as a student in Turkey, but the most important one is obtaining your student visa. Here’s a compact guide on Turkey student visa requirements and applications that will come in handy to you as a reference.

Turkey student visa – An introduction

A turkey student visa is a visa that grants a student to stay in Turkey for the purpose of education solely. Student visas enable international students to stay in the country during their educational course by applying for residence permits after arriving in Turkey. Before we dive into how to apply for a Turkey student visa, let us put the spotlight on the query – ‘Do you need a student visa?’ The answer is if you are an international student then you will require to apply and avail a valid student Turkey visa before entering the country. The only exceptions are to students from the Northern Republic of Cyprus, Blue Card holders, and students who have a work visa with residency permit and have parents living in Turkey. A student visa has to be granted from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate of their nation. There are various types of student visas available which you need to choose based on what educational purpose you are intending to reside in Turkey.

turkey student visa

How to apply for a Turkey student visa

The first step to any visa application procedure is to have a valid passport. The next important document for a student visa will be the proof of acceptance from the concerned university in Turkey where you intend to study. This means you need to acquire a confirmed application in an educational institute in Turkey before you think about applying for a student visa. Without these two prominent documents, you cannot go forward with your procedure to apply for a Turkey student visa. Then you need to make an appointment online at the nearest Turkey embassy or consulate. This is a pre-requisite for your student visa. When you have done this, make a checklist of the necessary documentation needed and cross it off as you complete it. Put everything together as your Turkey visa application docket. The checklist should include the following

  • Your valid passport with at least 6 months validity. The passport must not be damaged or handwritten.
  • Turkey student visa application form – make sure you fill it completely, without any errors and duly sign it, One of the main reasons for Turkey student visa rejection is an incomplete application form or one filled in with discrepancies and errors.
  • 2 Passport-size photos in required specifications. Keep extras in case it is needed.
  • Letter of Acceptance from the educational institute in Turkey. This also acts as proof of the duration of your stay in the country.
  • Travel insurance and health insurance.
  • The proof of your financial resources for supporting your stay and educational expenses in Turkey.
  • Confirmed flight tickets to Turkey
  • Proof of accommodation i.e. letter from the family/relatives you are staying in Turkey, or from concerned persons of dormitory or apartment you have rented for your stay.
  • Documents showing your education history, such as educational certificates and transcripts.
  • Receipt of Turkey student visa fee – this fee varies from country to country and is non-refundable.

With this visa docket in hand, you will have to then appear for your appointment for a short interview at the consulate. Once you are finished with the interview, all you have to do is wait for the processing of the visa and get the result of whether you have been granted a visa or not. Turkey student visa processing time can take anywhere between 5 to 15 working days hence it is essential to apply for a visa in advance. An applicant can apply for a student visa maximum of 60 days before departure. A turkey student visa is valid only for one year and can be renewed. Once you get your visa, then you are on your way to a bright future as a student in Turkey.

Things to keep in mind for students applying for further studies in Turkey

  • An individual on a student visa and residence permit in Turkey cannot apply for paid work, internships. All your source of income and financial support must come from your parents/guardians or through scholarships. A student if he or she needs to work in a company as an intern or an employee must exit the country and re-enter with the necessary applicable work visa.
  • Break the whole student visa process into a checklist and systematically get it done. Make sure you consider all points important, even the interview at the Embassy/ consulate. See it as if you are going for a job interview and dress smartly, look professional and maintain a positive attitude.
  • You cannot extend your stay in the country on a student visa once your course gets over. From the day you pass out of a Turkey university, you get 10 days to exit the country.

In addition to knowing this, a Turkey visa consultant can help you get a quick start on obtaining your visa, so you won’t have any problems completing the process.

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