Enjoy the Unparalleled and Thrilling Experience of The Cappadocia Balloon Tour Ride

Turkey has become a huge hit in the tourist population due to its idyllic villages, ancient ruins, majestic mountains, crystal clear waters, modern cosmopolitan cities, and rugged landscapes. However, one of the standout locations in Cappadocia. Cappadocia is a semi-arid region whose landscape is decorated by swirling volcanic rocks. It’s the work of mother nature through the elements of wind and water that have moved the rock over the years. Humans have evolved in this volcanic landscape over the years, and fairy chimneys tall, pointed rock formations decorate the Monk valley even today. A beautiful way to explore this semi-arid landscape is to indulge in a Cappadocia balloon tour.

If you are ready for a ride that will give you unparalleled views, then the Cappadocia hot air balloon ride is something you should mark on your bucket list. The world from the top looks completely different, and it further enhances the gorgeous lunar landscape of Cappadocia. In addition, the Cappadocia balloon tour is a spectacular way to browse the honeycombed and volcanic mountains.


Pickup & drop off

We provide you transfer to and from your hotel or any other place of your convenience as part of the Cappadocia balloon tour package. You can choose to skip the same and reach the site directly. We initiate the tour early to beat the hot sunny afternoon.

Meals & Treats

Since we start early, we would like to garnish your stomach juices with a scrumptious breakfast and some champagne for your Cappadocia balloon tour as part of the package. You can choose to enjoy a light meal before you board the Cappadocia hot air balloon ride as you toast the champagne with your fellow loved ones or travelers who are part of the group. A glass of champagne adds an extra layer of royalty to your ride as you view the gorgeous views from the top. You can use it to celebrate the occasion or just the moments in the journey.

Types of Tours & Packages

There are different ranges of packages in the balloon Turkey Cappadocia tours. The package type and inclusions primarily differ concerning the time you have in hand for exploration. If you are short, different day tours can easily be completed within a single day. As part of the tour package, you can also get to browse through the Cappadocia key highlights along with meals. Balloon flights are a common activity in the tourism world. A completely optional activity that you can choose to indulge in your Cappadocia hot air balloon ride.

Many tour operators offer two packages – day & night along with their subsequent sub-packages. Day and evening tours are the two types, with day tours having an early morning departure from Istanbul and the evening tour departing post-sunset with a night over at Cappadocia.

For the best experience, we always recommend a 2–3-day tour that helps you capture every minute detail about Cappadocia that has caught the attention of the tourism world.

Private Tours

You can opt for a private tour if you want to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday with your loved one(s). A private tour provides a more intimate, better privacy, and personal experience as it is completely customized as per your requirements. Soak up in the incredible beauty of this natural landscape. If you are travelling on a honeymoon, the tour operators may make it extra romantic and special for the newlywed couple.


The Cappadocia balloon tour also helps you beat the queue and the crowds that line up to visit the tourist hotspots in Cappadocia. The journey takes you through Gerome, Cappadocia’s popular fairy chimney, Love Valley, and Urgup. Don’t forget to capture these precious moments, as you will not be able to wipe them off your memory block for a long time to come. There are unique vintage spots in your journey where the guide will announce any click moments. You can opt to go as per directions or capture whatever you want to as part of your Instagram storyline. The Cappadocia hot air balloon ride takes you up to 300 meters above sea level.

Major milestones crossed in your journey

Some of the major spots you will be passing by in your Cappadocia balloon tour are:

Goreme Town

Goreme Town Cappaocia

The Goreme town is the popular Goreme National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage recognized site. It features some marvellous antique churches built in the 10th or 11th century. The area is well known for the chimney rock formations, along with the delicious Turkish treats that you can try.


One of the most contemporary cities of Cappadocia. It features several hotels that are built around century-old cave dwellings. The landscape also includes the ancient rock churches, beautiful vineyards, a famous carpet market, and the lovely fairy chimneys.

Love Valley

Love Valley Turkey

A gorgeous valley in Cappadocia that should not be missed even in your dreams. Nestled between Goreme and Avanos road, the valley name derived from the mysterious fairy chimney formations decorating the awesome landscape. A popular place for romantic proposals if you are planning one soon. Farming is very extensive in this region due to the mineral-rich soil.

For those people who want to see and explore the off-beaten path in Turkey, browse through all the major landmarks all in one go with the Cappadocia hot air balloon ride. Panoramic views from the top add to the scenic landscape and will surely be on your memory list for a long time to come.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Costs

The Cappadocia hot air balloon ride cost is definitely not cheap, but it is worth every dime for its mix of stellar views, unequaled vibe, and relaxed adventure. The price per being can range from €80-€350, depending on the basket size and time of year you visit. Should, for some cause, your flight gets canceled, they will indeed rebook you for the following day or provide complete refund.

Book Hot Air Balloon Flight in Advance

It is strongly recommended to reserve your Cappadocia hot air balloon ride ahead of time online. Booking in advance allows you to schedule your balloon flight for the first morning you are there. If the weather is not suitable on that initial day, your trip will be automatically postponed to the following day. Additionally, if poor weather prevents flying throughout your entire stay, you will get a full refund.

Always Follow the Safety Precautions

When you get to the Cappadocia balloon launch area, the pilot and crew will tell you the safety rules you must follow. Pay close attention because they will share important details on what is allowed and not allowed during the flight. Furthermore, the hot air balloon must ascend and then descend. The pilot’s instructions must be taken into consideration as the balloon gets ready for a thrilling descent.

How to Arrange a Hot Air Balloon Flight in Cappadocia

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Cappadocia’s most popular attraction is hot air ballooning, with numerous operators based in the town of Göreme. The flights typically include hotel pick-up and drop-off and can be booked easily online or through your hotel’s front desk. Once the hot air balloon trip is booked, the company will keep you updated on the weather, cancellations, and pick-up time, which is typically between 4:00 and 4:45 AM during summer.

What is the Duration?

While the complete hot air balloon ride lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours, the real time that is spent in the air is 45-75 minutes based on things like weather & available landing areas.

Best Time to Fly a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia

Cappadocia will amaze you at all times of the year; however, it is widely thought that the optimal period for going on a hot air balloon ride is from May to October. During these peak months, you will have the most favorable circumstances to take a hot air balloon flight while experiencing pleasant weather for additional explorations of the various towns and valleys.

Where to Stay in Cappadocia

The historical town is surrounded by iconic cone-shaped rock formations and has plenty of wonderful cafes and restaurants. It is also abode to a few of the world’s most exclusive accommodations – the cave hotels carved into the rock. To help you locate the right place to stay, below are the three best options.

  • Charming Cave Hotel- The family-run Charming Cave Hotel is right in the heart of Göreme. In addition to a picture-perfect rooftop terrace, this hotel has many cave-style rooms marked by creative design and elegant details. All bookings include a delicious breakfast, and booking a hot air balloon ride is super easy.
  • Kelebek Special Cave Hotel- One of Göreme’s most luxurious choices, Kelebek Special Cave Hotel has spacious cave suites, a traditional Turkish bath, and a large outdoor pool. While the extra luxury comes at a cost, it is a great value, especially for those looking to relax after a day of adventure.
  • Artemis Cave Suites & Spa- Right in the center of Göreme, Artemis Cave Suites & Spa has traditionally designed rooms, an authentic rooftop terrace, and excellent spa facilities onsite. With rooms starting at just €47 a night, Artemis is one of Göreme’s best deals.

How to Get Around Cappadocia

Plane- Although most tourists consider Cappadocia to be a town unto itself, it is actually a large region that is home to several major cities, such as Nevsehir and Kayseri. They both have airports that serve both domestic and international travel. The Erkilet International Airport in Kayseri, which is located approximately one hour’s drive north of Göreme, is the more convenient of these two. Looking for a flight to Cappadocia? Kayseri is the more flexible choice, offering more flights at much lower costs. As an alternative, Göreme town center can be reached by car in about 40 minutes from the Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport.

Bus Transportation- Traveling to Göreme is not too difficult from the Erkilet International Airport in Kayseri. The majority of hotels in Göreme, Uchisar, and Urgup’s tourist areas provide shuttle service to and from the airport. Just be sure to check this with your hotel when making your reservation. This shared airport transfer service from Kayseri to Göreme is an excellent alternative. This service, which also serves as an airport transfer, only costs €12 per one-way trip.

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