Turkey Visa on Arrival: A Complete Guide

Are you planning to visit the mystical land of Turkey for your holidays? Then you have made a great choice. But do you know about the visa policy of Turkey?

Surprisingly one can directly get a Turkey visa both single entry visa and multiple entry visa without even applying from their Turkish embassy.

Yes, Turkey has a visa-on-arrival policy.

Check out this detailed guide that we made just for you. It contains all the necessary information and requirements for obtaining a Turkey visa on arrival.

We have discussed everything that will streamline your visa application process. from document requirements to the step-wise process. Let’s dive in and explore the extensive guide to a Turkey visa on arrival.

What is a Turkey Visa on Arrival?

The Turkey Visa on Arrival is a special permit. It is not the same as Turkey evisa. To avoid confusion, it is important to know about Turkey evisa vs. visa on arrival. With this permit, tourists can get their visa immediately once they arrive at one of the international airports in Turkey. In simple words, you do not have to apply for a visa in advance to visit Turkey. On the other hand, you need to apply for evisa beforehand. It can be procured online.

Once you land at an international airport in Turkey, stand in line for the Turkey visa on arrival application. It is important to follow the Turkish airport regulations. Upon document verification, you must pay the visa on arrival fee in cash to receive a Turkey visa. With this visa, you are allowed single entry into Turkey, and can stay for a maximum of 30-90 days.

Turkey Visa on Arrival Restrictions

But wait! Even though a Turkey visa on arrival might seem enticing, you might not be eligible for it.

This is because the visa on arrival in Turkey is not available for all tourists. The country only allows citizens of Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea with a diplomatic, official, or service passport to be eligible for the visa on arrival.

Other nationalities, like Indians or UK residents, have to apply for a regular Turkey visa, like a Turkey tourist visa, before departure.

So, if you are eligible, then with this visa, you can stay in Turkey for tourism purposes. This includes recreation, sightseeing, or casual visits to meet friends and relatives.

But remember that, with this permit, you can only stay in Turkey for 30 to 90 days (depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit). The visa is usually available for 180 days after arrival.

If you overstay beyond the allowed time limit, you may be penalized, jailed, or directly deported. Also, note that with the visa on arrival, you are only allowed to enter the country and not indulge in other activities like a job or getting admitted to an educational institution.

Turkey visa on Arrival

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Visa on Arrival

Here is the list of benefits of the visa on arrival in Turkey:


  1. Convenient and Quick Process: If you are eligible for this visa, then you can easily get it upon deboarding at an international airport in Turkey.
  2. Flexibility in Travel Plans: With the visa on arrival, you can make last-minute plans. This is extremely beneficial if you make sudden spontaneous strips or have uncertain travel dates.
  3. Cost-effective Option: The visa on arrival is pretty cheap compared to the other visa types. This way, you will save a lot of money while visiting Turkey.
  4. Suitable for Certain Nationalities: This visa is ideal for all nationals of countries without a Turkish embassy.


Here are some drawbacks of the visa:

  1. Limited Duration of Stay: One of the biggest disadvantages is that this visa allows you to stay only for a shorter period with this visa. So, make your plans carefully.
  2. Uncertainty of Approval: You might not be allowed entry to Turkey even if you’re eligible. So if you have a business deal to make or are in a hurry just go for the normal visa.
  3. Potential Delays and Waiting Time: You can expect long lines and waiting hours at the immigration center. This can be a bigger problem if you are traveling during peak season.

Step-by-Step Guide for Turkey Visa on Arrival Application

1. Preparing the necessary documents:  Before traveling to Turkey, make sure that you have the following documents in hand:

  • Valid passport.
  • You have to submit proof of return flight tickets.
  • You must also submit proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Turkey.
  • Always carry at least 4-5 recent passport-size photographs.
  • Make sure that you have supporting documents like hotel booking slips or invitation letters.
  • Letter of introduction

2. Arrival at the Turkish port of entry: Once you arrive at the Turkish International Airport, find the visa on the arrival counter in the immigration section.

3. Completing the Visa on Arrival application form: Once you reach the counter, ask for the visa on arrival application form from the counter. Carefully fill out all the necessary information like personal details, duration of stay, and purpose of visit.

4. Presenting the required items to immigration officers: Once you have filled out the application form, submit it with supporting documents, your passport, and a passport-sized photograph.

5. Paying the visa fee: After submission, the immigration officer will ask you to pay the Turkey visa fee amount. You have the option to pay this fee in cash or by card as per the accepted methods at the counter.

6. Approval and issuance of the visa: Once you have applied and paid the fee, the immigration officer will process your application.

If the application is approved, they will attach a visa sticker to your passport. Before leaving the counter, make sure all the details on the visa level are correct to avoid future troubles.

Turkey Visa

Tips for a Smooth Visa Application

We have some specially curated tips for you. These tips will make sure that your Turkey visa-on-arrival application process will be smoother:

  1. Check Eligibility: Make sure you are eligible for the Turkey Visa on arrival before traveling.
  2. Prepare Documents: We always recommend carrying all the necessary Turkey visa documents ready in your travel pouch. 
  3. Carry Local Currency: Always carry cash to pay for the visa fee at the entry point. You can always convert your country’s currency to Turkish lira before applying for a visa.
  4. Avoid Peak Hours: To avoid long queues and waiting hours, always plan your travel during off-peak times.
  5. Respect Regulations: Learn about Turkish customs, rules, and regulations. This will ensure a smooth entry process.


Just as getting e-visa single entry for turkey or multiple entry visa, getting a visa on arrival is a huge benefit for all eligible travelers. before booking your flight to Turkey, check the official Turkish embassy website to check your eligibility.

This Turkey visa-free entry guide will be beneficial for all eligible tourists. It will help you with the steps, documents, restrictions, and benefits of the Turkey Visa on arrival. Once you get the hang of the process, it will be easier to navigate smoothly through the application process and ensure you have a happy holiday in Turkey.

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