Turkey in April 2024 – Weather, Things to Do, Places to Visit and More

It’s the winter-to-spring transition phase in Turkey in April, which has a certain charm associated with it. It is a month of blossoms and blooms and milder temperature. It is an idyllic time to explore Turkey as it is an off-peak season, meaning no battling with crowds. Especially if you have a fascination for wildlife, April in Turkey is just apt to observe natural habitats. Just as Turkey in March has its unique beauty, so do the delights of April, which draw travelers in to be a part of its vibrant tulip season.

Weather Overview

In April, the weather in Turkey is an amusing mix of cool and warm breezes. The fresh air keeps you rejuvenated. With the cessation of winter come sunny, pleasant days accompanied by occasional showers. Turkey in January or February has a biting cold, but with the arrival of April, it does turn stable and favorable, giving an indication of the commencement of the tourist season. During the day, the temperature in Turkey reaches 16 degrees while at night it falls to 6 degrees.

Things to Do in Turkey in April

Turkey in April has miscellaneous activities waiting to be unwrapped. Embark on a historic tour to Topkapi Palace or Hagia Sophia; enjoy a cruise in Bosphorus if you adore the waters; go on a hot air balloon ride; or experience some scuba diving or trekking. Besides, you can sample traditional cuisine, survey an artisan workshop, enjoy a sunset photo moment, go wildlife spotting, participate in a cooking class, or discover the whirling dervishes. In fact, if you desire to spend your April public holidays in Turkey, you have unlimited activities on your plate.

Must-See Turkey Places

Turkey is blessed with multifarious wonders, of which the must-sees comprise:

1. Istanbul :

Bosphorus Cruise

This is Turkey’s finest city, undeniably more so because it gives a slice of what Turkey has in store. Its key highlight is the grand bazaar, an ideal place to haggle for souvenirs or jewelry. Do explore Istanbul’s iconic marvels. Marvel at Hagia Sophia’s impressive architecture, admire the azure tiles at the Blue Mosque, discover Topkapi Palace’s opulent history, take on a Bosphorus cruise, relax at a Turkish bath, and sample signature traditional Turkish cuisine.

2. Cappadocia :

Aerial View of Cappadocia Turkey

It has a surreal formation of rocks that lures travelers. Get on board with Turkey’s pleasant weather to witness lush green valleys and multicolor flowers. Explore the mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys, one of Cappadocia’s wonders. This is an ideal time to explore the ancient cave dwellings and also become familiar with the inhabitants that resided there. If you are in the company of your partner, go on a wonderful hot air balloon ride and soak in stunning sunset views. If time permits, visit Cappadocia’s underground cities, open-air museums, and much-loved rock-cut churches.

3. Ephesus :

Library of Celsus Turkey

Placed on the western end of Turkey, Ephesus was once a chief port. It has a strong historical significance, featuring a gamut of age-old architecture, including the House of the Virgin Mary and the Temple of Artemis. The Library of Celsus is a vital landmark with an impressive façade and exquisite carvings. Owing to the mild April temperature, seeing the ancient ruins becomes a breeze. Also check out the Terrace Houses and Agora. Ephesus is also replete with cafes and souvenir boutiques.

4. Pamukkale :

Hierapolis Theatre Turkey

Be camera-ready, as Travertine pools are absolutely Instagram-worthy in April, which is the best time to visit Turkey. Its mineral-rich water has immense healing properties. Turkey’s cotton castle is blessed with travertine terraces that are akin to a frozen waterfall. Marveling at the sights of the setting sun like a ball of fire during a favorable April is absolutely stunning. Also, find time to view the renowned Hierapolis Ruins. In short, Pamukkale is traveler-friendly to the core.

5. Antalya :

Antalya turkey

Are you a nature addict? Then Antalya is for you, brimming with natural wonders. Its serene beaches, gorgeous scenery, cascading waterfalls, vivacious aquariums, and historical marvels will pull a chord in the hearts of nature lovers. If you are a lazy bone, simply relax at Lara or Konyaalti Beach, and if water adventure interests you, partake in scuba diving or snorkeling. You can also go on a jeep safari or hike the mountains. Again, Antalya has a pulsating nightlife with endless eateries, bars, and entertainment. Also indulge in some exclusive shopping at the malls and bazaars, and end it with some delectable Turkish dishes.

Turkey in April- Renowned Events & Festivals

Istanbul Tulip Festival
Image Courtesy : https://istanbultouristpass.com/
  • Istanbul Tulip Festival– April is synonymous with the blossoming of colorful tulips, and this is beautifully celebrated in Istanbul. Every nook and cranny of the city turns lively with the presence of tulips, making it a sight to behold.
  • International Film Festival– This film festival is celebrated in Istanbul, a podium where endless international as well as national films are showcased, thus making it a meeting point for worldwide actors, directors, and movie maniacs.
  • International Music Festival– This musical extravaganza held across Istanbul features artists from Turkey along with international artists. It is here where you can tap your feet to modern music, jazz, and classical, everything under one roof.

Apart from this, the other events and festivals comprise

  • National Sovereignty & Children’s Day
  • Anzac Day
  • Antalya International Film Festival
  • The Izmir International Fair
  • International Istanbul Poetry Festival

What to Pack

  • Breathable, lightweight, and airy fabrics
  • A light pullover or jacket
  • Comfortable footwear and flip-flops
  • Shawl/scarf
  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen
  • Backpack
  • Chargers, adapters, power bank, headphones, camera, etc.
  • Essential documents
  • Toiletries
  • First-aid kit
  • Water bottle

What to Wear

Wear comfortable smart-casual wear. Ensure to wear modest attire that has minimal skin exposure particularly during a mosque visit. As the evenings can be a little breezy, carry a light pullover/jacket.

Where to Stay

Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul

There are endless places for staycations across Turkey that promise a pleasant stay.

  • The Four Seasons Hotel in Istanbul
  • Argos in Cappadocia
  • Akra Hotel in Antalya
  • The Venus Suite Hotel in Pamukkale

What to Eat

Turkish Delights

  • Various Turkish Delights
  • Mantir
  • The Imam Bayildi
  • Lahmacun
  • Gozleme


Be it Turkey in February, March, April, or the like, it has its inimitable charm the year-round. April, the knocking of spring, is replete with vibrant colors and sweet scents, topped by the relaxing weather, making it more welcoming. Some of the good weather rubs into May as well, making it a good idea to visit Turkey in May. So are you set to immerse yourself in this charm?


Q1. How is the April weather in Turkey?

It is mild and favorable.

Q2. Name the Turkey April events.

  • Istanbul Tulip Festival
  • International Music Festival
  • National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

Q3. Name Turkey’s must-see places.

Q4. What are some April Turkey activities?

  • Historical tour
  • Cruise
  • Trekking
  • Wildlife watching

Q5. Is April an ideal time to visit Turkey?

Yes, more so for its relaxing weather and minimal crowd.

Q.6 Are there any religious places in Turkey?

Yes, you will find several religious places in Turkey. The capital of Turkey itself has several mosques, the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia being the most popular. You can explore Sanliurfa, which is one of the holiest cities of Islam as it is believed to be the place where Prophet Abraham was born.

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