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Butterfly Valley in Turkey’s Mula Province’s Fethiye district is the perfect back-to-nature location to lose oneself in peaceful nature and disconnect from the outside world. One of the nation’s best-kept secrets is this remote region of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, and we hope it remains that way! One of Turkey’s most picturesque locations is still the Butterfly Valley, and if you know exactly where to go, then you can avoid the crowds easily of tourists and enjoy a relaxing time.

About Butterfly Valley Turkey

Butterfly Valley Turkey

Unquestionably, the Butterfly Valley Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist spots. The gorgeous uninhabited sand beach, which is bordered by the stunning rocky mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, will put you in a trance. It got the name from the abundance of butterflies that once lived there, but ever since visitors started visiting, the butterflies have been getting rarer and rarer until none of them are left. Even though party boats and mass tourists are to be held responsible for the butterfly population decline, it is still worthwhile to go.

How to Get to Butterfly Valley?

Let’s look at the transportation options for getting to Butterfly Valley from Istanbul/Antalya through Fethiye.

From Istanbul for Fethiye– You have two transportation options to get from Istanbul for Fethiye: a bus or an aircraft. The journey to Fethiye takes 10 to 12 hours and costs between 27 and 37 USD per person. There are roughly 20 buses running from 3am-9pm. From Istanbul, you can fly as well.

From Antalya for Fethiye– There are 11 buses that travel the 1.5 hours from Antalya to Fethiye. You can board one of these buses at the Antalya bus terminal. Cost per person for the bus ride ranges from $7 to $10.

From Fethiye for Butterfly Valley– The only ways to travel to Butterfly Valley from the outside world are by foot or boat. Although there are aiding climbing ropes, the descent to the valley is perilous due to the sheer rocks, making it challenging to complete with luggage.

From Fethiye for Oludeniz, you can take a minibus, and then you can book a boat ride to get to Butterfly Valley. The official boats run between 11 am and 2 pm, with return times between 1 pm and 5 pm. One person’s ticket for the boat journey costs 15 lira.

Best Time to Visit Butterfly Valley

Although June to August is the busiest time of year, it is not the best time to visit Turkey’s Butterfly Valley. The sea is beautiful and warm, but you will have to deal with a sizable tourist swarm and exorbitant accommodation cost that is not ideal. Additionally, it is amid the hottest times of year to go, which makes trekking and exploring less enjoyable.

Restaurants and Refreshments

There are a few rickety cottages in this nature reserve, but no permanent structures are allowed. For the everyday tourists, there is a tiny shop offering presents and a cafe serving food and beverages. The ideal location to enjoy delectable, fresh, regional seafood is Butterfly Valley beach. The cost of the room includes breakfast and dinner, and you may buy little snacks all day long. The meals are simply outstanding and are served family-style on the long picnic tables & benches. The staff here manages to make wholesome, delicious Turkish meals which are likely to gratify despite their meager resources. There are excellent beach barbecues to grill chicken & kebabs on an open fire even though Butterfly Valley is vegan-friendly.

Ways To Visit Fethiye Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a hidden paradise located around 6 miles from the popular resort of Ölüdeniz in Turkey’s stunning Fethiye district. The valley is only accessible by boat, sea kayak, or by hiking along a steep path from the village of Faralya.

Most visitors reach Butterfly Valley by boat from Ölüdeniz. Public boats run several times per day during the summer high season and take around 20 minutes. The boats depart from Ölüdeniz beach and sail along the dramatic coastline before arriving in Butterfly Valley. This is the easiest way to access the valley. Private boat trips can also be chartered for around 300 TL if you want a custom experience.

Sea kayaking is another popular way to reach Butterfly Valley, taking 1-2 hours to paddle there from Ölüdeniz. Tandem kayaks can be rented, and you kayak along the Lycian coast, arriving directly onto the beach. Guided kayak tours are also available for beginners. Sea kayaking allows you to appreciate the scenic coastline at water level.

The 12km Lycian Way hiking trail from Faralya village is a third option but is only suited for experienced hikers. The path is steep and takes 2-3 hours but offers gorgeous views along the cliffsides. You need good hiking shoes and plenty of water. Collective minibuses run from Fethiye to Faralya village if you don’t want to hike both ways.

Butterfly Valley Entrance Fee

Butterfly Valley is part of a protected nature reserve area and there is an entrance fee payable to access the valley. As of 2023, the entrance fee is 25 Turkish Lira per person. Children under 12 can enter Butterfly Valley for free. You will need to show your ticket if asked for it by patrols.

The entrance fee goes towards preserving the valley’s ecology and delicate environment, as well as maintaining the paths, facilities, and services. Keep hold of your ticket when leaving by boat too in case you are asked to show it again.

Where To Stay In And Around Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley has its own beach camp with basic bungalows and platforms to pitch tents. Accommodation needs to be booked well in advance as it books up early, especially in peak summer. There are a few options for staying overnight in the valley:

  • Wooden Bungalows – These sleep 2-4 people with shared bathrooms. Wooden bungalows start from around 150 TL per night for more basic options, up to 250 TL per night for bungalows with air conditioning and private decks.
  • Treehouse Style Tents – Platforms are set high amongst the trees where you can pitch your own tent or rent pre-setup tents. Tents rented on platforms including mattresses start from around 70 TL per night. Bathrooms are shared.
  • Camping – You can pitch a tent in designated campground areas from around 20 TL per person per night. However, facilities are very limited for campers. You will need to be self-sufficient with food, water etc.

There are also several places to stay in Faralya village at the start of the Lycian Way hiking trail. Small family-run pensions here have rooms starting from around 100 TL per night including breakfast. Faralya has a few restaurant options too.

The Best Views in Butterfly Valley

The best views of stunning Butterfly Valley are from the trail heads and surrounding clifftops. When hiking the Lycian Way, fantastic scenes open up over the valley after just 1.5km of walking from Faralya. Stop at one of the small rest areas on the path to just stand and admire the scenery of the lush U-shaped valley spilling down to the bright turquoise sea fringed by Butterfly Beach.

For elevated Birdseye views out over the whole valley, take the steep uphill path that leads from the west end of Butterfly Beach. Follow it steadily up through pine forests and glance backwards to soak in the vistas of the full beach framing the crystal waters of the bay. The contrast of dark green forests, white sand and blue ocean is spectacular from up here.

Paragliders also get lofty views high above Butterfly Valley as they drift down from the heavens to land on the empty golden beach. Tandem paragliding flights can be arranged from Ölüdeniz to soar over the valley before circling down, showing off Butterfly Valley’s emerald hues against the contrasting Mediterranean landscapes.

Sightseeing boats moored in Butterfly Valley’s peaceful bay enjoy front-row seats to the valley too. Charter a sailing boat or sea kayak half-day trip to appreciate the valley from water level as you depart. Gaze back upon the golden sand beach set against vibrant green forests tumbling down from steep mountainsides. Let the light blues and turquoises of the Mediterranean merge with the shoreline.

So, whether arriving on foot, sea or air, Butterfly Valley in Fethiye reveals its beauty through unique perspectives for those explorers willing to venture to discover this hidden gem. Its remote tranquility makes any effort taken to reach it worthwhile.

Things to Do in Butterfly Valley Turkey

Butterfly Valley Turkey

Relax at the Beach– Once you get to the valley, make sure to take some time to unwind on the beach & take in the breathtaking scenery.It is one of the free things to do in Turkey, and you can spend as much time on the beach as you please. You can then take some time to explore the valley itself after this is finished.

Enjoy the Waterfall– A sizable waterfall that originates in Faralya village flows down into the valley’s bottom. It is suggested that you hire any local guide & wear climbing gear to view the waterfall. However, there are ropes & metal pegs in situ, just like with the trail leading down from Farayla, to help in climbing up the slick rocks. The safest option if you lack experience is to hire any guide. The waterfall access trail across the valley is a delightful trip in and of itself, and it also leads towards the butterfly cave.

Hunt for Butterflies– There are more than 100 species of butterflies that can be seen, and the lush surroundings in the valley are ideal for them. Butterfly Valley, however, is noticeably devoid of butterflies in spite of its name! Butterflies have retreated to the valley’s rear because they dislike the noise that comes from a lot of visitors. The orange & white Jersey Tiger moth, a local insect, is what makes this place special. These are located in the butterfly cave, which is close to the waterfall at the back side of the valley. The valley’s trail is well-traveled and simple to follow.

Go Snorkeling, Swimming, or Diving– On one part of the beach during the high season is a dive shop. If diving is not your thing, you may still go snorkeling or just take a swim in the stunningly blue seas.

Enjoy the Night– The bay is frequently visited by day trip vessels that frequently play loud music. But when the day draws to a close, the valley becomes a serene beach cove heaven. You can pay a nominal charge to set up your own tent on the beach. If not, you can hire a tent or check into one of the available secluded wooden cabins. The amenities are fairly basic and there are common restrooms for everyone. By visiting their Facebook page, you can make reservations for lodging. This is an excellent location to temporarily withdraw from the outside world and reconnect with the natural surroundings because there is no Wi-Fi or electricity there.

Bottom Line

A real back-to-basics getaway, Butterfly Valley truly is a hippie oasis free of computers and phones. Visitors can enjoy a simple nature escape and a technological detox like never before. Instead of gazing at your phone screen all night, spend your nights surrounding the campfire and have a seamless experience. Anyone seeking somewhere a little more relaxed, connected to nature, & away from throng should visit Turkey’s Butterfly Valley! A trip can be planned just at any time! So hurry apply for your Turkey tourist visa at the earliest and the make the most of it.

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