Things to do in Ankara

If you appreciate art with some sparkle and style, you will definitely love visiting Ankara, Turkey. This charming city is the hub of performing arts in the Anatolia area. The cosmopolitan metropolis is renowned for its state opera and ballet. Ankara also boasts its own Presidential Symphony Orchestra and multiple national theaters that can provide art aficionados with top-notch performances every evening. Ankara gleams brightly thanks to its pledge to sustain the arts. However, there are other places to visit in Ankara. Be sure to check out the must-see activities in Ankara during your visit.

Best Time to Explore Ankara


The best time to visit Turkey is in the spring, from April through mid-June, and in the fall. The weather during these months is enjoyable and moderate, letting you discover the city without feeling excessively hot or cold.

Where to Stay?

There are many lodging options in Ankara to suit all types of travelers and budgets. Here are top recommendations for accommodations in Ankara.

Budget-friendly Stay in Ankara – Grand Sera Hotel. This hotel is a top pick for affordable lodging in Ankara.

Mid-Range Accommodation in Ankara-Divan Cukurhan. For a mid-range hotel option, consider staying at Divan Cukurhan in Ankara.

Luxury Hotel in Ankara – Lugal, A Luxury Collection Hotel. If you desire a luxurious, high-end hotel, Lugal is considered one amid the foremost luxury hotels in Ankara.


The city is set in the centre of the country, making it the heart for all of Turkey’s train, bus, airplane, & highway transportation. You will not have to worry about getting to tourist sites, since you can access any location by subway, bus, or cab.

Must-Try Things at Ankara

Ankara Castle

What to do in Ankara? Is this question coming to your mind? Well get your answer here.

  • Ankara Castle-Ankara Castle is an awe-inspiring sight to behold. It is one of Turkey’s ancient landmarks, and its origins and construction are shrouded in mystery. It overlooks the entire city, including its old houses. The exterior has 20 towers and is about 43 kilometers (26 miles) in circumference. Inscriptions from the Seljuk era can be found inside the castle. Ankara Castle has been hugely popular with tourists. Its glamorous and historical architecture features prominently on the Instagram feeds of visitors to the city. Having witnessed the sweep of Turkey’s history, Ankara Castle is certainly a landmark that should not be missed.

Location: Kale, 06240 Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey
Timings: 9 am-6pm

  • Genclik Park- Spread across 69 acres, Genclik Park is one of Ankara’s most visited tourist spots. It is unique in that, in addition to its vast green spaces, the park also has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an open-air theater, and two mini trains. It is easy to understand why Gençlik Park is so popular with local families who like to stroll in the evenings or picnic on weekends. The park also has many kiosks, including the world-famous Turkish ice cream, for visitors to buy from. Spectacular light shows for children happen every night in the main pool.

Location: Ankara, Turkey
Timings: NA

  • Hattusa-Nestled in Turkey’s Anatolia region (formally called the Republic of Türkiye), Hattusa (also spelled as Hattusha/Hattuşaş,/Hattusas) is one amid of Turkey’s biggest archaeological sites & a famed UNESCO World Heritage Site. At its peak during the second millennium BCE, Hattusa had served as Hittite Empire’s, which held influence all over Anatolia and farther. The remains of the city drape a large hillside and feature temples, fortifications, gates, and statues.

Location: Boğazkale District of Çorum
Timings: From 10am

  • Kizilay-Kizilay forms the heart of the city and is the focal point for various social gatherings. It is the central plaza where diverse people come together for social interactions. You can find all the big department stores and nightlife spots located here. It also serves as the main entertainment draw for the city’s youth. After a hectic morning, you can always head to a bar here and recount your day with a local resident.

Location: Ankara, Turkey
Timings: Open round the clock

  • Ankara State Opera House-The Ankara State Opera House is an excellent destination for those seeking to experience culture. When visiting, visitors can view numerous captivating performances by the Turkish State Opera, Turkish State Theater, and Turkish State Ballet companies. These productions and concerts occur between September and June, garnering the interest of many travelers annually. Therefore, expect a cultural delight when visiting the opera house.

Location: 20 Atatürk Bulvari, Ankara
Timings: NA

  • Anatolian Civilizations Museum-This museum is one amid Ankara’s leading tourist attractions. It houses thousands of wonderful archaeological artifacts from the Anatolian history, spanning the Neolithic, Paleolithic, Bronze Age, Byzantine, Seljuq, and Ottoman periods. The beautifully organized exhibits guide visitors through the entire human history of Turkey and Ankara, from prehistoric eras up to modern times. Among the remains of Anatolian civilizations on display are clay containers, stamps, and other objects from all historical eras. In 1997, the museum received the prestigious “Museum of the Year” award in Switzerland. The Anatolian Civilizations Museum by itself makes Ankara worth adding to any travel itinerary. This museum falls under the list of top Turkey historical sites.

Location: Atpazarı area of Ankara,
Timings: 8:30am-6:30pm

  • Eymir Lake- Located only 17 kilometers from downtown Ankara is a stunning lake enveloped by a nature preserve. Its serene natural setting makes it a haven for nature enthusiasts. From biking to running, strolling to picnicking, birdwatching to angling, the array of fun activities renders this spot the top destination for an outdoor retreat. The many eateries and cafes bordering the lake furnish superb space to relish leisurely morning meals. Some even arrange tables near the water and fires in the winter for delightful lakeside dining. Eymir Lake is so breathtaking that not solely visitors but also residents enjoy coming here to walk week after week.

Location: Ankara Province, Turkey
Timings: 5am-10pm

  • Ankara Cuisine- Ankara boasts abundant culinary choices. You have the option to dine on familiar offerings from global chains or sample regional specialties representing all seven territories of Türkiye at locally-owned eateries with traditional hospitality. The iconic Ankara kebabı is certainly worth experiencing during your visit. Other cannot miss local treats include the lahmacun flatbreads and simit bagel-like rings crafted right in the city.
  • Ankara Shopping- The old district near Ulus is a popular area for visitors to explore when in Ankara, especially the historic Weavers’ Road lined with small shops selling traditional fabrics, rugs, and leather goods often at low prices. The Bazaar of Coppersmiths is a highlight where shoppers can find not just copperware but jewelry, carpets, costumes, antiques, embroidery and more unique items. Heading up the hill towards the castle entrance, stalls and stores offer spices, dried fruit, nuts and other foods, with many options to pick from. For more modern shopping, the Kızılay neighborhood and Tunali Hilmi Avenue are home to contemporary stores and malls. If you love to shop, then this is amid the finest things to do in Ankara.
  • Anitkabir- This exhibition hall draws students and vacationers who love architecture and history. It is here where the galleries of War of Independence and Ataturk are found. Anitkabir has several sections, namely the Ataturk Museum, the Peace Park, and the Hall of Honor. Multimedia displays and informational panels offer background information and context all throughout the complex.

Location: Yücetepe, Akdeniz Cd. No:31, 06570 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Timings: ‎9am-5pm

  • Atakule- This perception and interchange tower measuring 410 feet is among Ankara’s top places to explore. Ata means precursor, while kule means tower. The key highlight of this milestone is the open porch, allowing travelers to view the entire city. People looking to enjoy a meal with a view can head to Sevilla, which turns 360 degrees, within an hour. This is truly a sight to behold.

Location: Çankaya, 06690 Çankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Timings: NA

  • Erimtan Archaeology & Art Museum- This is a must-see while in Ankara. It highlights the classical era and let people take pleasure in the glimpses into regular life during both the Roman and Greek periods. They often organize exhibitions that highlight the archaeological sites together and the rich Turkish culture.

Location: Kale, Gözcü Sk. No:10, 06240 Altındağ/Ankara, Turkey
Timings: 11am-5pm

  • Aqua Vega Aquarium- This is a beautiful aquatic paradise and a must-see while in Turkey. Explore the marine ecosystem, where majestic sharks, graceful rays, and colorful fish glide through the waters. The best part about this aquarium is that it offers an overwhelming and educational experience for all. If you wish to learn about the underwater world, this is your go-to place in Ankara. People will just love the intricate beauty of jellyfish and seahorses.

Location: Akşemsettin, Doğukent Bulvarı Nata Vega Outlet, 06480 Mamak/Ankara, Türkiye

Timings: 10 am–8 pm

Things You Should Know

Ankara Turkey

Some vital things to know before you travel to Turkey comprise

  • Getting a Turkey visa is indeed easy.
  • Turkey is big and diverse with immense to see and explore.
  • Meet the friendliest locals who will make you feel overwhelmed.
  • Use public transportation
  • Use money wisely as most tourist places are rife with scams.


Gear up and make some plans for your upcoming vacation. Be sure to try these activities in Ankara to add enjoyment to your trip. Organize your travel to Turkey and maximize your time in Ankara with your family and friends.

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